Nastassja Kuznetsova ✉️

University of Pennsylvania – Computer Engineering BSE ’23

[1] What does one of your ideal meals look like?
Shake Shack Shroom Burger with a side of a Greek Salad (loads of feta cheese). Trader Joe’s Wildberry Cheesecake Ice cream for dessert.

[2] What is something that you have yet to conquer but are striving to do so in hopes of succeeding before the end of this lifetime?
Fat FIRE. (

[3] Describe yourself in a few emojis.

[4] What are some of your favorite engineering-related topics?
Data Science, Autonomous Vehicles, and Code That Works

[5] What about non-engineering/STEM related topics?
My favorite living creatures are Bengal cats, Axolotls, and Samoyeds. I can’t live without liquid eyeliner and Freakonomics Radio podcasts. I would sell my soul for a lifetime supply of Trader Joe’s. Fin.